Middle School Award Recognition Ceremony

Congratulations to our middle school students. Click to see information on all our award winners!
Recognition of Student Council Members: 
President:      Jack Hammett
Vice – President: Lauren Perlis
Secretary:       Blythe Bouza
6th Grade:
Alden Senette
Isabella Miller
7th Grade:
Parrish Abramson
Ethan Taylor
8th Grade:
Caroline K.oppel
Virginia Vaughan
Newly Elected:  2017-2018
President:  William Lafaye
Vice-President: Barrett Goldenberg           
Secretary:  Ethan Taylor
6th Grade:
7th Grade:
Ellie Schneider
Alden Senette
8th Grade:
Review Board: 
Elizabeth Rogers
John Overby
Maddie Canter
Marguerite Schwarz
Maximo Valobra
Emmeline Moore
Dominic Dazet
Spelling Bee:
Literary Rally:
Rayne Swanson – Medal
Maddie Canter - Medal
Ethan Powell  - Medal with Cert.
Aliya Eissa - Medal with Cert.
Douglas Heebe – Medal with Cert.
Grayson Myers – Medal with Cert.
Music Awards:
Ethan Faw
Miles Lemmler
Amelia Brencick
Choir Awards:
Caroline Cvitanovich
Kristin Kempton
Elona Kleven
Julianna Holley
Olivia O’Bell
Spanish Awards: 
Blythe Bouza
Maddie Canter
Douglas Heebe
Caroline Koppel
Grayson Myers
Elizabeth Rogers
Gabe Kohlmaier
Hartson Moss
John Overby
Caroline Cvitanovich
Betsy Feirn
Lilly Florence
Rachel Lavis
David Lovell
Mason Poole
Jack Hammett
Maximo Valobra
Milana Ammari
Ellie Davidson
Claire Fernandez
French Awards:
Ethan Powell
Max Morrell
Duke TIP Awards:  Based on your 6th grade ERB scores
For Qualifying:
Jack Benjamin
Delphine Dop
Eli Goodwin
Wyatt Greenbaum
Grant Jennings
Miles Lemmier
Harrison Menszer
Mason Poole
Bennett Ridgeway
Marguerite Schwarz
For Participating:
Christian Daly
Claire Fernandez
Jack Hammett
Scott Isacks
Kelsey Johnson
Miles Lemmier
Jared Smith
Ethan Taylor
Maximo Valobra    - Qualified for Academy Summer Studies
Jack Zink
State Recognition:
Parrish Abramson  - Qualified for Academy Summer Studies
Will Lafaye   - Qualified for Academy Summer Studies
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This notice will remain in effect until the School has satisfied and paid off the SBA Paycheck Protection Loan.