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  • September

    Connecting Through Disciplines

    Reading is all about connections: connecting what you read to how you live, to the beauty around you, to the beauty you create, and to your interactions with other people. Read more!

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  • National Honor Society Induction

    Fifteen new members of the National Honor Society were inducted this Wednesday: Christian Becnel (2019), Caroline Carazo (2019), Halley Phan (2019), Marceline Yu (2019), Jacob Mushatt (2020), Abby Myers (2020), Sydney Wright (2020), Blythe Bouza (2021), Maddie Canter (2021), Kristin Kempton (2021), Caroline Koppel (2021), Grayson Myers (2021), Emma Morton (2021), Lauren Perlis (2021), and Elizabeth Rogers (2021). Congratulations!

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  • July


    What is 'DAT (Department of Applied Technology)?

    Country Day's new Department of Applied Technology supports the infusion of digital technology into all disciplines and grade levels from Pre-K through 12th grade by promoting computational thinking through experiential, project-based learning and by offering dedicated computer science courses for students in 5th through 12th grade.
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  • Dr. Lewis to Engage Students with iDigFossils

    Dr. Elizabeth Lewis was one of 30 teachers from across the country selected to participate in four days of professional development at the University of Florida as part of the project, “iDigFossils: Engaging K-12 Students in Integrated STEM via 3D Digitization, Printing, and Paleontology.”
    The project, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, in collaboration with the Florida Museum of Natural History, aims to expand and extend our understanding of integrated STEM learning by designing and testing a model for K-12 STEM engagement using a highly relevant but unexplored educational pathway to K-12 STEM – paleontology.

    Country Day students in grades 1-4 will develop scientific habits of mind (e.g., curiosity, informed skepticism), employ scientific and engineering practices (e.g., developing and using models, analyzing and interpreting data), engage with the concepts that bridge disciplinary boundaries (e.g., patterns, scale, change), and explore relevant disciplinary core ideas in physical and life sciences. While solving paleontology-focused problems, K-12 students involved in this project will be developing deep understandings of evolution, biodiversity, and climate change.

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  • April

    Congratulations to our 2018 Academic Award Recipients

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  • Country Day Named "The Most Beautiful Private High School in Louisiana" by Architectural Digest

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