Own Your Educational Success

O-YES, Own Your Educational Success, was founded in 1994 as a way to help high school students, who exhibit academic resilience and success in spite of their learning differences, develop skills of self-advocacy. By learning to be one's own self-advocate, the students play a crucial role in making teachers aware of their learning style, showing teachers ways of presenting information that adheres more to their learning strengths, and requesting accommodations from teachers when the classroom dynamic feeds on their learning weaknesses. Through this process, students learn to become responsible for taking a proactive approach in communicating their learning needs.

The long-term goal of O-YES is for these students, Grade 9 - Grade 12, to be confident in their ability to talk with their present or future instructors about the challenges they face in the academic arena.

O-YES students:
  • learn to develop appropriate strategies for dealing with different situations, i.e.: tests, classroom situations, long range projects, and requesting accommodations;
  • extinguish negative attitudes and become more proactive; "No Whining Allowed!"
Ultimately, our hope is that O-YES members will carry these skills and willingness to take charge of their own academic success with them throughout college, regardless of the roadblocks that may lie ahead.
Learning how to approach teachers has been extremely integral in forming close relationships with them, and, through that, it makes it easier for them to see how I learn.