Visual Arts

Students also develop the ability to communicate personal ideas through art vocabulary, technical skills, and artistic expression.

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Lower School

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  • Pre-K to 5th Grade

    Our goal in lower school art is to foster children’s creativity through problem solving, skill development, and the exploration of a variety of materials. Art history is introduced, and projects may be linked to what is being taught in the classroom.

    A broad spectrum of projects enable students to become more aware of their environment, to express themselves visually with more confidence, and to develop into flexible and creative human beings. Periodic art discussions enhance students’ reasoning powers and critical thinking. Sketchbook work provides students with accurate records of their visual development through the years.

Middle School

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  • 6th Grade

    Students will review the elements and principles of art and design through a study of varying styles and visual art disciples, including drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.  Students will have the opportunity to explore and learn about a variety of media as well as become familiar with pivotal moments in Art History. 6th graders will study the stylistic choices of famous artists to help inspire them to develop their own ideas and artistic voice. Each student will work with the artist/teacher in a studio environment.
  • 7th Grade

    Students continue to explore the fine arts in depth with a focus on specialized courses in ceramics, metals, photography, and woodworking. Each student will work with the artist/teacher of the specific discipline in the studio environment on a rotating semester format. Individualized instruction is emphasized. Students are taught best studio practices while creating, presenting, responding and connecting through their art form.
  • 8th Grade

    Students continue to explore the fine arts in depth with a focus on specialized courses in ceramics, metals, photography, and woodworking. Each student will work with the artist/teacher of the specific discipline in the studio environment on a rotating semester format. Individualized instruction is emphasized. Students are taught best studio practices while creating, presenting, responding and connecting through their art form.

Upper School

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  • AP Studio Art

  • Art I

    Students are introduced to a multitude of techniques in varying media.  These young artists will be introduced to drawing methods, such as contour and gesture drawing, while implementing elements of design, such as value and color.  Students will explore a series of dry and wet media, such as pastels, watercolor, and acrylic, while also diving into the world of printmaking, all the while incorporating the principles of art and design. Integrated into the Art 1 curriculum will be a study of Art History.  Students will be introduced to influential art movements and artists to learn certain techniques and gain perspective of the world in which they create. All participants are required to maintain a sketchbook, to document their thoughts and develop their own original ideas for projects. While studying an array of art-making techniques, students are encouraged to create and critiques their individual work as well as the work of their classmates.
  • Ceramics

    Students are introduced to the clay construction techniques of slab, coil, modeling, and wheel-throwing; glazing applications will also be taught. Emphasis is placed upon individual expression and skill.
  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design is communication through images, words, and forms, and shares the same visual vocabulary as studio art. Over the course of this semester, students will learn techniques and tools to communicate ideas and meaning for themselves and client projects. Students are strongly recommended to enroll in a full year (two semesters). During the first semester, they will master the elements of art and principles of design through design-based projects. Through the second semester, students will work on more self-directed design projects, allowing them to explore their areas of interest and develop their own forms of self-expression.
  • Drawing

    This course will expose the students to the fundamental structures and techniques of drawing through direct observation of still life, landscape, and/or the human figure. Students will experience the expansive qualities and characteristics of multi-media drawing through additional imaginative projects and sketch book work.
  • Honors Art

    This course is designed for upper school students talented in the visual arts and seriously committed to the process of making art. Students are recommended by the department based on evidence of superior artwork, behavior and attitude. New students to the program may need to submit a portfolio for review by the art department and be recommended by former art instructors. The curriculum is determined primarily by the student, with the teacher serving as a coach. Students submit written proposals near the beginning of the semester. Any medium can be employed with emphasis on the creative process of problem solving. Various projects will be introduced depending upon students’ prior art experiences. Some students elect to build their college portfolios as their primary curriculum.
  • Metals

    This course will teach basic metal techniques, working with brass, copper, and silver on constructed and cast pieces. Students will make both pieces of jewelry and small metal sculptures with a priority placed on design principles. Credit will be earned through the completion of several projects.
  • Painting

    Students explore and utilize color properties, theory and composition in the process of painting. While learning various painting techniques, they create and critique their individual works. Abstraction and realism are themes of study as well as the works of well-known painters.
  • Photography

    This course begins with an introduction to the basics of the medium: operation of the camera, exposure, film-development, and printmaking. Students explore the use of print controls; i.e., burning, dodging, and toning. Specific projects will be assigned based on previous experiences and interests of individual students. A 35mm camera is required.
  • Filmmaking

    In Filmmaking class, students will have the opportunity to understand the art form of film. Film is an excellent way to communicate as well as evoke emotion from the viewer. Student filmmakers are encouraged to make artistic choices based on compositional framing and editing to compose a storyline that will engage the viewer.  Students will learn the numerous tools used in film in order to communicate ideas about their plots lines, themes, and characters in their own films.
    Students who are enrolled for the entire year will then be introduced to multiple film genres, discussing how each genre consistently chooses similar techniques taught in the previous semester.  The students will also become proficient in filmmaking software programs such as iMovie and Adobe Premiere. Students are encouraged to enroll for the full year film course.


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    James Madison University - BM
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    Metairie Park Country Day School
    Art Department, Metals
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    Ms. Laurie Gardner 85

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    University of New Orleans - MM
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    Drama Teacher
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    LS Art Teacher
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    Tulane University - BS
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