For the Love of Music

Students interested in music may apply any of the music courses to their fine art requirements, such as orchestra, band, jazz band, chorale, or advanced chorale. Music courses are taught by practicing musicians who aim to provide students with a source of enjoyment and inspiration. At Country Day, we believe strongly that music provides students the opportunity to experience personal growth as well as the satisfaction derived from cooperative effort.
The lower school music curriculum is based on the Orff-Schulwerk philosophy that builds music concepts and skills while involving children in movement, speech, rhythm, singing, playing instruments, and improvisation. We offer a full program of choral and instrumental music, including Little Group, bands, orchestra, and Orff ensemble.

Middle School

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  • General Music

    The 7th and 8th-grade music course is designed to accommodate students with different levels of musical experience and skill. The course includes work on healthy vocal technique, sight-singing skills, note and rhythm reading on pitched and un-pitched percussion instruments, and basic skills on guitar and piano. During the fall semester, the course includes a survey of classical composers. In the spring, students examine popular American musical styles of the 20th century, including those native to Louisiana.
  • Band

    This performance class meets twice a rotation to develop musical skills such as notation, tone production, fine motor skills, composition, and improvisation. Students in this ensemble perform at concerts, festivals, and football games.
  • Orchestra

    This performance class meets twice a rotation to develop musical skills such as notation, tone production, fine motor skills, composition, and improvisation. The orchestra is one of our most visible groups, performing at concerts, festivals, and various school events such as GrandFriends' Day and Open House nights. 
  • Chorus

    The Middle School Chorus is a performance-based choir, providing students the opportunity to concentrate musical study on good vocal technique and sight-singing skills while developing blend and balance as part of a musical ensemble. The group performs at Country Day’s choral concerts at the end of the fall and spring semesters and participates in the Louisiana Music Educators Associations’ Large Ensemble Festival. The group’s repertoire includes unison, 2-part, 3-part, and occasionally 4-part selections of Choral Literature, which are age-appropriate and representative of a wide variety of musical styles, genres, cultures, and historical periods. In addition, significant time is devoted during each rehearsal to ear training and sight-singing
  • Honors Chorus

    This year-long class is offered to students in grades 7 and 8 who have been placed by the teacher. The group will perform advanced music and represent the School at various festivals and events. The Holiday and Spring Concerts are required as part of the student's grade.

Art Events

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    Katherine Antis 

    Arts Department Chair, Band & Orchestra Director
    (504) 849-3126
  • Photo of Meredith Hotard

    Meredith Hotard 

    Middle & Upper School Choir Director
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    Lauren Lemmler 

    Lower School Music Teacher
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    Nicole Luder 

    Lower School Music Teacher, Director of Little Group
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