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  • Capstone Paper by David Beerman

    My junior year, AP Computer Science became both my favorite and my least favorite class I’d taken to date. I found it more interesting than just about anything I had taken before, and I loved that it was so new and exciting. It was like learning a new language and applying critical thinking at the same time. But that was also why, along with how hard it was, that I got so fed up with it that I almost dropped out.
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  • Capstone Paper by Alex Chestnut

    Last year in her Eh, La-Bas article, Payton Frischhertz explained how video games can sharpen your mind and body, improve team building skills, and more—so we know they’re good for you. Here’s something else to consider though: are video games art? Are they art in the same way that Rembrandt’s paintings, Hitchcock’s films, and just about anything you read in English class are art?
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  • Annie Cohen's Citations

    Annie Cohen 2016 submitted an editorial last spring to The New York Times Student Editorial Contest. Of over 6,300 editorials submitted from around the world on hundreds of topics, Annie's editorial was one of the top 10 winners. Her piece titled “The Resurrection of Gilgamesh was published in TheNew York Times on May 16, 2016.
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  • Paul Frantz's Citations

    See Mr. Frantz's bibliography, click below.
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Carolyn Chandler
Head of School

Annie Cohen 2016
Country Day Alumna and freshman at Emory University

Ellen Cohen 1981
Country Day Alumna and Spanish Department Chair, US Spanish Teacher, and National Honor Society Advisor

Becka Curry
6th Grade Mathematics Teacher, Cross Country Coach

Paul Frantz
Middle School Principal

Rebecca Gaillot
Upper School Mathematics Teacher, AP Statistics Teacher

Susan Gisleson
Middle and Upper School Art Teacher

Howard Hunter
Academic Dean

Jordan Katz 2006
Country Day Alumna and doctoral candidate at Columbia University

Betsy McGovern
Pre-K Redfish Co-Teacher, PMK Co-Team Leader, Lower School Diversity Coordinator

Mike Miley
Upper School English Teacher

Brantley Mock 2017
Country Day senior

Linda Lawrence
Director of Technology Development, AP Computer Science Teacher

Hani Nahkoul 2003
Country Day Alumnus

Meb Norton
Director of Libraries, Global Humanities Teacher

Betsy Petersen
English Department Chair, Upper and Middle School English Teacher

Shay Steckler 2002
Country Day Alumna,Middle School French Teacher

Andy Talmadge
Upper School Mathematics Teacher

Kate Turnbull
Science Department Chair, Middle and Upper School Science Teacher
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