The advisory program serves as the centerpiece of our social-emotional curriculum.

Weekly Advisor Meetings

The Advisor Program

Each student is paired with a faculty member who assists that student in achieving the mission of the School. The faculty member monitors the student’s progress in all facets of school life and assist the student in making goals, plans, and decisions.  

Advisors meet weekly and lead students through discussion of a wide-range of topics including: stress management, diversity and stereotypes, honor/integrity, technology, bullying, and peer pressure. The advisor acts as a mentor and an advocate for the student, helping the student to achieve his or her personal best in academic and non-academic areas.

While we are clear in our commitment to a co-educational setting, we recognize that the adolescent experience varies greatly for boys and girls. Thus, our Seventh and Eighth Grade advisory groups are now divided by gender so that we can present topics and focus on issues in ways that resonate more powerfully for both. Grade 6 programming focuses on the transition from Lower to Middle school; Grade 7 programming is anchored by an eleven-week program by the Council Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse, and Grade 8 programming includes preparation for high school.

As students progress through upper school advisors not only track academic progress but are trained to use a variety of creative techniques to discuss personal goal-setting and ethical decision-making. A counselor is also available to speak with students and parents when the need arises. Adolescence is a challenging time of personal, physical, and intellectual change. A counselor who specializes in the needs of middle and upper school students is an invaluable member of the education team.