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  • May

    Athletic Awards Ceremony

    Country Day joined together to celebrate the myriad accomplishments of our student-athletes. Congratulations to all our students who participated in athletics. A huge thank you also to our parents, faculty, and staff who supported our students this year! We are #cajunproud!

    2021-2022 Athletic Award Ceremony Program
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  • National Spanish Awards 2022

    National Spanish Exam Results, 2021-2022
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  • National French Awards 2022

    The American Assoc. of Teachers of French sponsors the only nationally recognized French exam each year, Le Grand Concours. This exam is particularly challenging because it involves listening, reading and writing, and over 100,000 students compete, most of whom are from top schools with very competitive programs-- and many contestants are native speakers or attend French immersion programs.
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  • April

    Academic Awards

    Congratulations to all our students on their exceptional academic achievements this school year! (Additional photos will be added over the coming week.)
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  • State Lit Rally

    The State Rally results are out! Congratulations to the following students who placed in their events among all participating Division III schools in the state.
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  • March

    Alumni Weekend

    Many thanks to all of our alumni and Boothby Faculty & Staff for joining us for Alumni Weekend 2022!
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  • Lunch in the Coleman Family Dining Room

    We are thrilled to share that all divisions will go back to our full tradition of family-style dining starting Monday, March 28th. Over the last several weeks, we have been welcoming more and more students across grade levels to dine in the Coleman Family Dining Room and have had many aspects of our communal dining in place. However, starting Monday we will re-introduce all remaining aspects back into this wonderful experience, 5th-grade servers in Lower School, our beautiful red cups, and more. This is an important part of building a strong, warm, and inclusive community for all divisions! We can't wait to share our stories of success and happiness that we are certain will abound!
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  • Field Day

    Pre-K-12th-grade students joined together to participate in games of capture the flag, musical chairs, tug of war, obstacle courses, and so much more! Thank you to our amazing student leaders, faculty, and staff for all their hard work in making this event a success.
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  • Phenotype and Genotype

    Students in 7th-grade life science have been studying genetics and how traits are passed from parents to offspring. Students have learned they can predict the phenotype of various traits in offspring by knowing the genotype of the parent organisms. For this activity, students created marshmallow bugs using traits from two genetically different parents. This lesson showed why we are all unique individuals. There were no two bugs alike!
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  • The Arts are Alive!

    Music was in the air at the Louisiana Music Educators Association Conference as top musicians from across the state gave outstanding performances. Congratulations to Parijat, who sang with the Women's Chorale, and Phillip, Mason, and Charlie, who played with the Orchestra.
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  • February

    Honors Chemistry Investigates

    In Honors Chemistry, students in Mr. Vaccaro's class have begun to study the chemical properties that determine whether and how molecules interact with each other. In one set of experiments students' tested whether or not water can dissolve certain types of chemical compounds. This simple test, as well as others, can help in the identification of samples containing an unknown compound.
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  • January

    Parrish Abramson Named Candidate for 2022 Presidential Scholars Program

    Country Day Senior Parrish Abramson has been named one of more than 5,000 candidates in the 2022 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program. The candidates were selected from nearly 3.6 million students expected to graduate from U.S. high schools in the year 2022.
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  • Middle School Serving Others

    In December, our entire Middle School spent the morning hours giving, helping, and serving others. 
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