What is 'DAT (Department of Applied Technology)?

Country Day's new Department of Applied Technology supports the infusion of digital technology into all disciplines and grade levels from Pre-K through 12th grade by promoting computational thinking through experiential, project-based learning and by offering dedicated computer science courses for students in 5th through 12th grade.

The department coordinates nearly 2,500 square feet of creative space filled with technology that allows our community to creatively solve problems, better understand the ever-changing world, and delve deeply into questions with their minds, their hearts, and their hands. The Lydia Sneed Engineering Lab allows our students and faculty to break down traditional academic divides and explore ideas. On any given day you might find students exploring the architecture of the Ottoman Empire that they have replicated using 3D printers or etching geometric designs into vinyl media using a laser cutter or using the vast whiteboard space to create and refine mathematical ideas. The opportunities for relevant, timely, 21st-century exploration and growth are never ending!
    • Drones

    • Ozobots

    • Computation

    • Finch Robots

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