Upper School Award Recognition Assembly

Congratulations to all our students on their recent Book Awards, Literary State Rally Awards, and many, many others. Our students and parents all came together to recognize the many and varied talents of our school community. Click to see information on all our award winners!

– The Harvard Prize Book is awarded to the outstanding student in the next to the graduating class who “displays excellence in scholarship and high character, combined with achievement in other fields.”  The winners of this award, through their intelligence and variety of achievement, exemplify Harvard’s concern for excellence. This year’s Harvard Book Prize goes to Darby Le.  

Princeton University – The Princeton Book Award is presented to the junior of high academic standing and unusual excellence in extracurricular and personal qualities.  This year’s Princeton Book Award goes to John Wisdom.
Randolph-Macon College – The Randolph-Macon College Leadership Award is presented to a junior who best exemplifies the qualities of character, leadership and academic excellence within their community and school. It reflects the basic principles underlying the Randolph-Macon educational philosophy: that our liberal arts mission should foster the development of the whole person.  The recipient of this award has exhibited leadership within his community. I am pleased to present the Randolph-Macon College Book Award to Nick See
The Rensselaer Medal- Awarded to a junior, who demonstrates potential for success in a vigorous academic setting, excels in advanced math and science courses and exhibits well-rounded interest and involvement in extracurricular activities. This award goes to Reese Koppel.  
Rhodes College – The Rhodes College Book Award is presented to a tenth grader that has demonstrated exemplary community service.  Community service coupled with a commitment to leadership and helping others is one of the cornerstones of the Rhodes philosophy. The Rhodes Book Award goes to Phoebe Metzer-Levitt
Rhode Island School of Design – The Rhode Island School of Design Book Award is presented to graduating seniors who are outstanding in the visual arts. The Book Award goes to Sue Kim.
Tulane University Focus Louisiana Book Award – The Tulane University Focus Louisiana Book Award recognizes high school juniors in our home state who have demonstrated excellence in academic achievement, leadership, and public service. The Tulane Book Award goes to Kenadi Maupin.
University of Pennsylvania – The University of Pennsylvania Book Award is presented to a high school junior who best exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of Benjamin Franklin – a scholar, innovator, and one who serves the community. This year’s book award goes to Everett Heebe.  
University of the South (Sewanee) for Excellence in Writing – The University of the South or Sewanee Book Award is given to a junior who shows excellence in writing and notable potential for future success as a writer. This student should have demonstrated leadership and willingness to assume responsibility in leadership roles within the school community. The Book Award goes to Kye Carter.
Dartmouth College - The Dartmouth College Book Award is presented to a junior of high academic standing who has demonstrated strong character, has made a positive contribution to the school community, and has excelled in at least one nonacademic area.  The Dartmouth College Book Award goes to Lisa Gilmore-Montero
Vanderbilt University – The Vanderbilt University Book Award goes to the junior who has shown academic excellence combined with extra-curricular involvement and leadership.  The Vanderbilt award goes to Sydney Lee. 
Williams College – The Williams College Book Award is given to a junior of high academic standing who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a significant contribution to the extracurricular life of the school. The Williams College Book Award goes to Logan Stouse
Yale University – The Yale University Book Award is presented to a junior who exhibits outstanding intellectual promise as well as proven involvement in the extracurricular activities of the school community.  It is the fervent hope of Yale that this student will strive to recognize the pursuit of knowledge as a means for personal growth and integrity rather than for personal aggrandizement and prestige. The Yale University Book Award goes to Reese Koppel.
Brandeis University Book Award
The Brandeis Book Award is presented to a junior of high academic standing who has demonstrated a commitment to civic engagement, community service, political activism, social justice, or volunteer work. This year’s Brandeis Book Award goes to Camille Shall
Washington and Lee Book Award
The Washington and Lee Book Award is presented to a junior who has exemplified the qualities of personal integrity and strength of character, academic excellence, and significant involvement in extracurricular activities.  The Washington and Lee Book Award goes to Lucy Butterbaugh
St. Lawrence University Book Award
The St. Lawrence University Book Award honors a high school junior who has displayed a significant commitment to community service.  The St. Lawrence University Book Award goes to Addie Durant.
University of Rochester:
  • Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award was named in honor of two most significant pioneers of social justice and recognizes your commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues. The award goes to Natalie Varisco.
  • Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award recognizes outstanding achievement and superior intellectual promise in the field of science. The award goes to Catherine Culicchia.
  • George Eastman Young Leaders Award recognizes outstanding academic achievement and leadership. The award goes to Conley Kronenberg.
  • Xerox Award is presented to a student in recognition of outstanding achievement in the pursuit of innovative approaches and an appreciation for the possibilities of technology. The award goes to Conor Taliancich.

Michael P. Smith Award
To honor his contributions to the fields of the Arts and Humanities and to inspire a new generation of Country Day students, his classmates established the Michael P. Smith 1955 Award in the Arts and Humanities.  This award will be granted on an annual basis to a Country Day senior who has distinguished himself or herself in both the arts and the humanities. This year the award goes to Sue Kim. 
Cum Laude Society 2017 New Members

  • Mignon Daly
  • Christian Kerut
  • Pearce Layrisson
  • Olivia Motter
  • Chandler Nguyen
  • Reina Protzel
  • Everett Heebe
  • Lisa Gilmore-Montero
  • Reese Koppel
  • Darby Le
  • Sidney Lee
  • Nick See
  • John Wisdom
Seniors Elected Last Year
  • Kathryn Fagan
  • Bella Florence
  • Maddie Hennessy
  • Sue Kim
  • Alea Zone
French Awards 
The American Association of Teachers of French wishes to recognize exceptional achievement in the study of French by a meritorious senior. This student must have maintained an A average in French for 4 years of upper school French and demonstrated excellence and commitment to the study of French culture and language in honors and AP classes. We are pleased to offer this prestigious award and gold medal to Blake Amann.

The American Association of Teachers of French sponsors the only nationally recognized French exam each year, Le Grand Concours. This exam is particularly challenging because it involves listening, reading and writing, and over 100,000 students compete, most of whom are from top schools with very competitive programs and many of whom are native speakers and French immersion students. Madame Gomane and I congratulate the following students for a job well done. These students have all received Certificats d’Honneur, Certificates of Honor, for having placed in the top 10 in the district and placing high in the nation:

French II 
  • Katie Davidson, Elizabeth Downs and Kate Goodwin tied for 8th place in the district and 12th place in the nation 
  • Colleen Daly placed 7th in District and 11th in the nation 
  • Logan Landry placed 4th in the District and 8th in the nation 
  • Nicole Roach placed 3rd in District and 7th in the nation
French III 
  • Kadaria Livingston placed 7th in the district and 10th in the nation 
  • Everett Heebe placed 5th in the District and 8th in the nation 

French IV 
  • Olivia Motter placed 10th in District and 22nd in nation 
  • Mignon Daly and Pearce Layrisson tied for 9th in District and 21st in the nation 
  • Isabelle Simoneaux 7th in District and 19th in the nation 
  • Owen Hoffman placed 5th in the District and 15th in the nation

US Army Scholar and Athlete Award:
  • Kathleen Kelleher
  • Leo Jaffe
Victory Award
  • Kathryn Fagan
  • Christian Kerut
Allstate Sugar Bowl Scholar-Athletes National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame
  • Christian Kerut
  • Briggs Ham
LHSAA All-Academic Composite Team (4.0):  
  • Kathryn Fagan - Girls' Cross Country, Girls' Soccer and Girls' Track & Field 
LHSAA All-Academic Team (3.5-3.999):
  • Mignon Daly (Girls' Soccer)
  • Pearce Layrisson (Boys' Soccer)
  • Chandler Nguyen (Volleyball, Girls' Tennis)
  • Lane Davis (Baseball)
  • Christian Kerut (Football, Boys' Basketball, Baseball)
  • Blake Amann (Boys' Basketball, Baseball)
  • Briggs Ham (Football, Baseball)
  • Francesca Lopinto (Softball)
  • Brantley Mock (Football, Boys' Basketball)
The José Luís Baños award for Spanish:
  • Conley Kronenberg
Music Awards:
  • Ashley Kim
  • Kadaria Livingston
  • Julianna Simons

Loyola Invitational Concert Band Ensemble Selectees:
  • Elijah Smith - trumpet player
  • Bevin Zlatkiss - euphonium player
Louisiana All-State Orchestra:
  • Alea Zone - violin
  • Munnawn Gill - violin 
  • Kathryn Fagan - viola 
  • Ashley Kim - cello
  • All four students earned the special distinction of Academic All-State for maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 or higher.
Birdfoot Chamber Music Festival:
  • Alea Zone - violin
John Philip Sousa Award:
  • Bevin Zlatkiss
National School Orchestra Award (also four-time All-State Orchestra musicians):
  • Kathryn Fagan 
  • Alea Zone

National Spanish Exam, 2016-2017
Middle School - Level 01
Mason Poole
Jack Hammett
Maximo Valobra
Milana Ammari
Ellie Davidson
Claire Fernandez
Honorable Mention
Jake Amann
Wyatt Greenbaum
Bennett Ridgeway
Ellison Vosbein
Matheus Guia, Outside experience category
Level 1
Blythe Bouza
Maddie Canter
Douglas Heebe
Caroline Koppel
Grayson Myers
Elizabeth Rogers
Gabe Kohlmaier
Hartson Moss
John Overby
Caroline Cvitanovich
Betsy Feirn
Lilly Florence
Rachel Lavis
David Lovell
Honorable Mention
Ryan Cooper
Edward Green
Mary Rose Neumeyer
Sammy Nichols
Lily Oberhelman
Tommy Wisdom

Upper School - 
Level II
Orlando Deffer, Bilingual Category
Kelsey Dinvaut
Simran Gupta
Akash Melachuri
Muna Ogbunamiri
David Ryan
Kate Launey
Dorie Le
Steven Wagner
Honorable Mention
Kaci Chairs
Charlotte Halpern
Ellie Kelleher
Jacob Mushatt
Carter Poole
Abby Rosenberg
Helen Wisdom

Level III
Caroline Conwill
Caroline Fiore
Phoebe Metzger-Levitt
Joan Benjamin
Deanna Riley
Honorable Mention
Beverly Caplan
Ansley Schwing

Level IV
Sydney Lee
Kye Carter
Catherine Culicchia
Conley Kronenberg
Darby Le
John Wisdom
Leo Jaffe
Logan Stouse
Conor Taliancich
Honorable Mention
Suzy Ascuitto
Brice Berger
Munnawn Gill
Charlie Lavis
Nicholas See
Carol Guidry
Julian Rodriguez-Fierro, Outside experience

Literary State Rally Award Winners
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