National French Awards 2022

The American Assoc. of Teachers of French sponsors the only nationally recognized French exam each year, Le Grand Concours. This exam is particularly challenging because it involves listening, reading and writing, and over 100,000 students compete, most of whom are from top schools with very competitive programs-- and many contestants are native speakers or attend French immersion programs.
In French 2  there were 5 silver winners, which means that these students placed in the top 75%-85% in the nation. They are: Manish Jain, Mason Kwon, Max Pollock, Charlie Kazour, and Laney Hebert
And there was a Gold winner in French 2, which means that this student placed in the top 95% or higher in the nation:
The gold winner who placed in the 98% of the nation is: Oliver Parsi
For French 3:
There was a Bronze winner, which means the student placed in the 75th to 85th percentile in the nation. Our bronze winner was  Londyn Norwood. 
There were 2 Silver winners for French 3. They are:
             Pierce Hathaway and 
             Minnie Mae August

And there were 3 gold winners in French 3:
          Magdelena St. Louis (99th percentile)
          Winnie Goldenberg (99th percentile)
          Bastien Sever
In French 4 there were 2 bronze winners:
        Clarisse Bernard Bitchatch
        Raine Goldenberg

There were 4 silver winners:
       Coco Goldenberg
       Peetsie Goldenberg
       Gabrielle White
       Mia Luparello
Congratulations to you remarkable French students. We are so proud of you.
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