Middle and Upper School Spanish Awards

Congratulations to our students on their accomplishments in the foreign languages!
Upper School Spanish

Level O1
Gold Medal Winners
Sofia Ryan
Silver Medal Winners
Janna Sherman
Luna Valobra
Bronze Medal Winners
Isaac Herzenberg
Dario Miranda
Ignatius Young
Honorable Mention
George Ammari
Avarie Clark
Cole Duggins
Kate Grant
Grayson Gunther
Cortlan Katz
Thierry Odizuru-Abangwu
Level 1
Gold Medal Winners
Lance Moore
Chloe Jones
Silver Medal Winners
Ella Armantrout
Greer Bouza
Alden Boyce
Riley Clary
Anna Gordillo
Will Heath
Clovis Layrisson
Nico Link
Christian Myers
Harry Odem
Maggie Schneider
Hope Singleton
Bronze Medal Winners
Taylor Alexander
Jane Gambel
Meredith Morse
Noah Kaplan
Andres Lang 
Xander Roniger
Honorable Mention Winners
Elise Claire Palmisano
Andre Garcia
Brody Cummings
Julianne Isacks
Addison Launey
Cooper Velie
Amelie Ventola 
Level 2
Gold Medal Winners
Julia Drago
Sarah Heebe
Silver Medal Winners
Bronze Medal Winners
Claire Cannella
Jack Davidson
George McCelvey
Honorable Mention
Phillip Antis
Gigi Dazet
Anthony Paz
William Varisco
Matthew Varon
Level 3
Gold Medal Winners
Isabella Miller
Silver Medal Winner
Bronze Medal Winner
Christian Rodriguez-Fierro
Honorable Mention Winners
Caroline Grant
Lance Hebert
Ellie Lee
Ellie Schneider
Level 5
Honorable Mention
Ellie Davidson
Mason Poole

Middle School Spanish

Sofía Ryan- Gold
Janna Sherman-Silver
Luna Valobra- Silver
Isaac Herzenberg- Bronze  
Dario Miranda- Bronze
Ignatius Young- Bronze
George Ammari- Honorable Mention
Avarie Grace Clark-Honorable Mention
Cole Duggins-Honorable Mention
Kate Grant-Honorable Mention
Grayson Gunther-Honorable Mention
Cortlan Katz-Honorable Mention
Theirry Odizuru-Abangwu-Honorable Mention
Chloe Jones- Gold 
Lance Moore- Gold
Ella Armantrout- Silver
Greer Bouza- Silver
Alden Boyce - Silver
Riley Clary - Silver
Anna Gordillo-  - Silver
Will Heath- Silver
Clovis Layrisson- SIlver
Christian Myers- Silver
Harry Odem- Silver
Maggie Schneider- Silver
Hope Singleton- Silver
Taylor Alexander- Bronze
Jane Gambel- Bronze 
Noah Kaplan- Bronze
Andres Lang- Bronze
Meredith Morse- Bronze
Brody Cummings- Honorable Mention
André Garcia- Honorable Mention
Julianne Isacks- Honorable Mention
Addison Launey- Honorable Mention
Elise Claire Palmisano- Honorable Mention
Cooper Velie- Honorable Mention
Amelie Ventola- Honorable Mention
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