Building Character with Kindness

Ms. Brennan

Kindness from our students doesn’t stop with their friends, teachers, and family.  It extends to even the smallest of creatures.  An injured bird struggling on the football field caught the attention of Laney and Meredith, two of our eighth-grade students, last Friday.  When Laney and Meredith got to class, they emailed Ms. Brennan and Mr. Frantz saying, “
There is an injured bird incapable of walking or flying on the side of the football field. . . .  [We] will take it to MSAH after school today,  but in the meantime do you know if there is a place we can keep it so it is out of harm's way?”  
Laney and Meredith didn’t stop there.  They sought out Ms. Brennan between classes to make sure she understood how committed they were to protecting the bird.  Given their passion and perseverance, there was no way Ms. Brennan was going to leave that bird on the field, but she needed help.  The Louisiana Department of Wildlife said the bird needed to be taken to a veterinarian at the zoo.  Ms. Sherman, upon hearing the story, grabbed her keys and headed to the football field to join the rescue. Mr. Bobby Coker, one of our maintenance workers, contributed to the cause by providing gloves to lift the bird and a box to put it in for the trip. 

For one scary moment, however, it looked as though a crow had beaten Ms. Brennan and Ms. Sherman to the bird, but a quick clap and the crow flew away!  Ms. Sherman was able to safely deliver the bird to the zoo.  Laney and Meredith’s care and determination to save the bird reminds us of an important lesson right now:  All of us have it in our power to protect the health and well-being of each other.  
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