Country Day’s educational approach reflects the rigor and accountability of traditional schools fused with the creativity and intellectual flexibility of progressive schools, cultivating students who are not just prepared for college, but for life. Our innovative curriculum teaches students how to think critically, creatively, independently, and to tackle challenges with optimism. As a balanced exploration of the math-sciences, the humanities, and the arts, our academic subjects are not self-contained but connected across disciplines and grade levels.
Lower School | Pre-K - Grade 5 Thought-provoking inquiry begins in Lower School with active discovery to cultivate excitement, wonder, and a love for learning. Students are guided in the development of critical socialization skills, personal accountability, and open communication with peers and teachers, all of which serves as the foundation of our collaborative learning environment.

Middle School | Grades 6 - 8 The middle school curriculum stresses a mastery of essential content and skills through provocative questions and creative problem-solving. Our middle school students continue the tradition of service learning to heighten their awareness of the needs of others in their community. An outdoor education program further develops this awareness and allows them to cooperatively solve challenges with their peers, reinforce their moral compass, and achieve their personal best.

Upper School | Grades 9 - 12 Vigorous intellectual exploration expands in the Upper School. Students hone their skills with our advanced core curriculum and make genuine connections to the world around them. They are challenged to apply what they have learned through student-directed independent study and internship opportunities. Meaningful study of the history of ideas and cultural exposure through study-abroad programs provide an expanded global outlook and help to develop the habit of ethical thinking and moral behavior.
300 Park Road, Metairie, LA 70005 (504) 837-5204
Established in 1929, Metairie Park Country Day School is a coed private school for New Orleans area students in early childhood through Grade 12. From the elementary grades through upper school, the care and cultivation of each child comes to life in our exciting academic program, creative arts, and competitive athletic offerings.

Country Day accepts qualified students without regard to race, color, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national, or ethnic origin.