We'll Help with the BIG Decision

Which college to attend is probably the most important decision that a student will make in the first thirteen years of schooling. At Country Day, the college counseling program strives to achieve a harmonious match between student and college, taking into account geography, academics, interests, ability, personality, attitudes, finances, and goals. The college counseling staff, assisted by parents and teachers, helps make this decision less confusing, less frustrating, and more rewarding for the student.

Country Day's college counseling program is designed to work with students from their freshman through their senior years. The program's goal in the freshman and sophomore years is to familiarize students with the process that will lead to the most suitable choice of institution. During the junior and senior years, the program focuses on the actual process of college selection and application.

As a college preparatory school, our experience in guiding students through the selection and admissions process can greatly increase the chances of a successful college matriculation, just as our educational program greatly increases their chances of a successful college career.

College Timeline

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  • 8th

    • Advisors 
    • ASPIRE (pre-ACT)
    • GPA calculations
  • 9th

    • Upper School – principal focus is to adjust to Upper School
    • College Calendar : challenge oneself academically and in extracurricular activities
    • Retreat: GPA calculation , introduction to creating a resume
    • PSAT
  • 10th

    • College calendar – month by month reminders; meet with sophomores in groups and individually (individual meetings not mandatory); begin test prep
    • PSAT
    • ASPIRE (Pre- ACT) 
    • Naviance – comprehensive college database; ACT and SAT practice
  • 11th

    • College Calendar – Detailed; Individual college meetings with students and parents (mandatory); Start visiting colleges and taking ACT and SAT several times
    • PSAT and ACT and SAT
    • College 101 – 7 sessions; comprehensive college reference binder
    • Naviance – SAT and ACT practice
  • 12th

    • Senior Advance in the Fall (Filling out applications, practicing Interviews, etc.)
    • Prospective College list in Naviance becomes ACTIVE list
    • Applications, Essays, portfolios, interview practice, and transcript review
    • Visiting colleges and making final decisions
  • Programs

    • College Forum; College Night for Sophomores and Their Parents; College Night for Juniors and Their Parents; ISAS Financial Aid Night


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