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College counseling at Metairie Park Country Day is student-centered and mindful of adolescent development throughout the college search and application process. The journey is introspective for students and provides opportunities for growth while gaining an independent sense of self.  Students who are happiest throughout the process understand their abilities and needs, dedicate time to research and visiting colleges, and are thorough, thoughtful, organized, and balanced in their approach. In partnership with families, we support students in selecting institutions that align with their interests, values, and goals to provide them opportunities for success both academically and socially. College counselors advise, educate, support, and advocate on behalf of the student. 

Choosing a college to attend is probably the most important decision that a student will make in the first thirteen years of schooling. At Country Day, the college counseling program strives to achieve a harmonious match between student and college, taking into account geography, academics, interests, ability, personality, attitudes, finances, and goals. The college counseling staff, assisted by parents and teachers, helps make this decision less confusing, less frustrating, and more rewarding for the student.

Country Day's college counseling program is designed to work with students from their freshman through their senior years. The program's goal in the freshman and sophomore years is to familiarize students with the process that will lead to the most suitable choice of institution. During the junior and senior years, the program focuses on the actual process of college selection and application.

As a college preparatory school, our experience in guiding students through the selection and admissions process can greatly increase the chances of successful college matriculation, just as our educational program greatly increases their chances of a successful college career.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: What is offered through our College Counseling Department?

    Grade 9 and Grade 10 
    • Annual College Forum and Fair in the Fall
    • 9th graders take the PSAT 8/9
    • 10th grader take the PSAT fall semester
    • 10th grader take the Pre-ACT spring semester
    • Parent Night for students in 9th and 10th grade

    Grade 11
    • College Forum and Fair
    • College representatives visit Metairie Park Country Day
    • 11th grader take the PSAT fall semester
    • Full-length practice ACT fall semester
    • Juniors are encouraged to visit colleges during breaks
      • Five days excused for college visiting 
    • Identify which spring ACT, SAT and SAT Subject Tests to take; register

    • College Counseling shares and explains PSAT results
    • Mandatory College Night for parents and students
    • Junior Individual Student Meeting
      • Student Self-Evaluation Due
    • Junior Student and Family Meeting
      • Parent “Brag Sheet” Questionnaire Due
    • Juniors are encouraged to visit colleges during breaks
      • Five days excused for college visiting

    Grade 12
    • Identify which fall ACT or SAT to take and how to best prepare
    • Attend Essay Workshop
    • Complete Activity Resume/Autobiography assignment
    • Attend College Application Workshop

    • College Fair
    • College representatives visit Pace
    • Seniors are encouraged to visit colleges over fall break
    • If advised, take October SAT or ACT
    • Grade 12 College Night
    • College Visit/Essay Days
    • Register for FAFSA PIN www.fafsa.gov and CSS Profile www.collegeboard.com (if seeking financial aid)
    • Financial Aid Night
    • Finalize college list with College Counseling
    • Request transcripts for Regular Decision deadlines
    • Most Early Action (EA) and Early Decision (ED) deadlines are Nov. 1

    • Notification for most Early Decision applicants
    • Ensure all necessary test scores have been sent to colleges
    • Most Regular Decision applications deadlines are Jan. 1 or 15
    • File FAFSA & CSS PROFILE as required for financial aid consideration

    • Most Regular Decisions become available on or before April 1
    • Students must choose one college and submit a deposit to that college by May 1
  • Q: Do 8th-grade classes count for college? 

    A few 8th-grade courses taken for high school credit are listed on the transcript with a letter grade but not equated in the GPA. Typically, those courses are Algebra I, Foreign Language, Physical Science, and World Geography. GPA is based only on courses taken in 9th through 12th grades at MPCDS and excludes PE. 
  • Q: How are MPCDS students exposed to colleges? 

    Between 80 - 100 colleges visit MPCDS annually. Students are encouraged to visit college campuses informally beginning in the 10th grade while making more formal visits in grades 11 - 12. Students are afforded five excused absences in the 11th and 12th grades for college visits. 

    The College Forum and Fair is an annual evening program hosting college representatives for a moderated panel discussion of college admission topics. Students meet with representatives for more specific information on the individual colleges during the college fair.
  • Q: When does college counseling start at MPCDS?

    The college search and application process formally begins in 11th grade. During the spring, juniors attend College 101, a seven-week college planning course; each student also meets with their college counselor for an individual and family meeting. 9th and 10th graders meet for group college counseling twice per year. There is an evening college night for parents yearly and an annual College Forum for students in grades 8-12.

College Timeline

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  • 8th

    ASPIRE (pre-ACT)
  • 9th

    Upper School – the principal focus is to adjust to Upper School
    College Calendar: challenge oneself academically and in extracurricular activities
    9th Grade Retreat: understanding the GPA and planning for a strong co-curricular foundation
    PSAT 8/9
  • 10th

    College calendar 
    PSAT (Fall)
    Pre-ACT (Spring)
    SCOIR-students are introduced to the college research and application database. 
    Group and individual meetings 
  • 11th

    College Calendar – Detailed; Individual college meetings with students and parents (mandatory); Start visiting colleges and taking ACT and SAT several times
    PSAT and ACT and SAT
    College 101 – 7 sessions; comprehensive college reference binder
    Naviance – SAT and ACT practice
  • 12th

    Senior Advance in the Fall (Filling out applications, practicing Interviews, etc.)
    Prospective College list in Naviance becomes ACTIVE list
    Applications, Essays, portfolios, interview practice, and transcript review
    Visiting colleges and making final decisions
  • Programs

    College Forum; College Night for Sophomores and Their Parents; College Night for Juniors and Their Parents; ISAS Financial Aid Night

Multicultural Opportunities

  • College Greenlight - connecting first-generation and underrepresented students to caring colleges, generous scholarships, and life-changing counselors and mentors.
  • HBCU - Historically Black Colleges & Universities
  • HSI - Hispanic-serving Institutions
  • Questbridge - a national nonprofit that connects the nation's most exceptional students from low-income backgrounds with leading institutions of higher education and further life opportunities. 
  • The Posse Foundation



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    Ms. Shannon Barrilleaux 

    Metairie Park Country Day
    Director of College Counseling
  • Mrs. Nicole Turner 

    Country Day
    Administrative Assistant for College Counseling & Learning Specialists
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