Urinetown - US Musical Performance

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URINETOWN is the story of the not-so-distant future, a time when a severe drought has caused a devastating water shortage. Household plumbing is outlawed; and public toilets have come under the control of a ruthless corporation, forcing citizens to scrape pennies together to pay the fee for access. Anyone caught relieving themselves any other way is carted off to the mysterious “Urinetown" as their punishment, until the day one lowly toilet cleaner stands up and rebels against the system. 

It's NOT really about bodily waste, but it IS about oppression, rebellion, and the perils of blind idealism. It's also 100% worth your time. 

This hilarious and thought-provoking musical premiered on Broadway in 2001, ran for nearly 1,000 performances, and won Tony Awards for its book and score. Our production of URINETOWN features the talents of Charlie Antis, Minnie Mae August, EmmaJane Bauer, Emma Bellaire, Olivia Bouy, Emmy Casey, Dominic Dazet, Dante DiCianni, Julia Drago, Colin Fiore, Finley Freedman, Anna Hayne, Chloe Jones, Nicole Kazour, Clovis Layrisson, Mia Luparello, Mireille Luparello, Isabella Miller, Julia Mueller, Collin Neece, Harry Odem, Armin Parsi, Christian Rodriguez-Fierro, Xander Roniger, Henry Thompson, Jane Thompson, Cooper Velie, and Sophie Wyatt. 

Some content in URINETOWN may be challenging for younger audience members.