7th & 8th Grade Orientation

8:00 am New students meet buddies
8:15 am All students and parents meet in the Weinmann Auditorium
8:30 am Students go with advisors for student orientation and yearbook photos
8:30-9:15 am Parents remain in Weinmann Auditorium for Parent Orientation
10:00 am Parents pick up students - Chandler Circle

Orientation Day is for both students and parents. This time is designed to welcome students and help them get set and excited about their first full day of school on Wednesday and the great year ahead.

During Orientation, students will meet their advisory groups, receive their schedules, get their lockers, take their school portraits, and participate in fun activities. Students in grades 7 and 8 will also receive their tablet computers. Students should bring school supplies, textbooks, and whatever they may need/want to set up their lockers. The school provides combination locks.

We also offer an orientation session to welcome parents. Our main goal on this day is for us to connect and to share our goals and hopes for the upcoming school year. We will also review expectations, answer questions, and hopefully, get you as excited about the year ahead as we are.