List of 13 items.

  • Pre-K

    French instruction two times a week with a focus on an aural/oral approach to learning.
  • K/1/2

    French instruction two times a week.
  • 3/4

    Choice of French or Spanish in Third Grade two times a week.
  • Grade 5

    French or Spanish instruction with textbookbased and dynamic learning activities three times a week.
  • Grade 6

    French or Spanish reading, writing, listening and speaking; exposure to culture through songs, role play, skits and dialogue.
  • Grade 7

    French or Spanish reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, including grammar; cooperative learning through multimedia technology, Introduction to Mandarin.
  • Grade 8

    French I or Spanish I and Basic Mandarin: cultural exploration through literature with expanded use of grammatical structure and vocabulary.
  • Grade 9

    French II Spanish II Honors French II Honors Spanish II Mandarin I: Introduction of complex grammatical structure with an emphasis on pronunciation.
  • Grade 10

    French III Spanish III Honors French III Honors Spanish III Mandarin II.
  • Grade 11

    French IV, Spanish IV, Honors French IV, Honors Spanish IV, Mandarin III.
  • Grade 12

    French V, Spanish V, A.P. French Language, A.P. Spanish Language, Mandarin IV.
  • Senior Humanities

    Art, literature, music, and philosophy, within and beyond the western tradition.
  • Advanced Placement

    A.P. French Language, A.P. Spanish Language.
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Established in 1929, Metairie Park Country Day School is a coed private school for New Orleans area students in early childhood through Grade 12. From the elementary grades through upper school, the care and cultivation of each child comes to life in our exciting academic program, creative arts, and competitive athletic offerings.

Country Day accepts qualified students without regard to race, color, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national, or ethnic origin.