List of 13 items.

  • Pre-K

    Handwriting; basic letter formation and Handwriting Without Tears program; receptive and expressive language skills; basic reading and writing skills.
  • K/1/2

    Reading skills and comprehension; story writing and proper writing mechanics; Project Read and Handwriting Without Tears program, Type to Learn 4 starts in First Grade.
  • 3/4

    Reading lessons and book clubs; journal writing and prose, poems and research papers; Sadlier’s Grammar and Vocabulary Workshop, Project Read, Handwriting Without Tears for cursive and Type to Learn 4.
  • Grade 5

    African and South American folktales; short stories, novels, nonfiction and poetry; researchbased writing, essay responses and journaling; continued use of Sadlier’s Grammar and Vocabulary Workshop; introduction to Achieve 3000.
  • Grade 6

    Strategies for reading fiction and nonfiction; analytical and creative writing; Greek and Latin roots; grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.
  • Grade 7

    Literature as a springboard for engaging questions of diversity, culture and voice through the study of Greek myths, Arthurian tales, poetry, and New Orleans culture.
  • Grade 8

    Novels, short stories, Shakespeare and poetry analysis; expository and narrative writing; grammar, and vocabulary application.
  • Grade 9

    English I and Honors English I: Coming-of-age literature; writing in various genres with vocabulary application and grammar.
  • Grade 10

    English II and Honors English II: Global Literature to foster critical thinking in both reading and writing Journalism I or II elective.
  • Grade 11

    American Literature A.P. English Language and Composition Film Study Elective Journalism I or II elective.
  • Grade 12

    World Literature, A.P. English Literature and Composition, Film Study Elective, Journalism I or II Elective.
  • Senior Humanities

    Epic of Gilgamesh Arabic and Japanese poetry.
  • Advanced Placement

    11th grade: A.P. Language and Composition; 12th grade: A.P. Literature and Composition.
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Established in 1929, Metairie Park Country Day School is a coed private school for New Orleans area students in early childhood through Grade 12. From the elementary grades through upper school, the care and cultivation of each child comes to life in our exciting academic program, creative arts, and competitive athletic offerings.

Country Day accepts qualified students without regard to race, color, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national, or ethnic origin.